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10 Dog Breeds That Usually Get Along With Cats

10 Dog Breeds That Usually Get Along With Cats

“They get along like dogs and cats” is an ideal phrase to describe the irreconcilable differences between two beings. But it is not always the case between the mininos and the dogs. Your relationship can be wonderful in many cases. And the problems of coexistence among pets can be prevented and controlled with socialization, education and, above all, with much love.

Both the dog and the cat are predators and instinct leads them to chase other species. But these guidelines, which are normal in wildlife, seem to be modified in the daily life of the home, where food is guaranteed and humans set the rules.

A small guide about dogs that usually get along with cats

While it is true that all dogs could adapt to living with a cat, we must bear in mind that some breeds with a lot of strength in the jaw – prey or hunters – do not seem the best option, since a simple fight could end badly.

Anyway, there are some breeds of dogs that seem to get along better with domestic cats. Some of them are:

  • Labrador Retriever. Although certain specimens may be hostile to cats, the vast majority do not present problems, training through. And, although the breed has a good instinct for prey, its strength is not in hunting, but in seeking and recovering.
  • Bichon Frize. These animals are characterized by being intelligent, affectionate and sociable. Also, since they don’t like to be alone, they find a good, sincere and lasting company in cats.
  • Golden Retriever. Thanks to their affectionate, calm and kind character, the task of getting used to living with other pets is much easier and they are ideal, even, to be with young children.
  • Bichon Habanero. These funny animals – which seem stuffed – love to play. Also, they are the same size as most cats. Not being aggressive or possessive, they get along very well with other pets in the house.
  • Pomeranian dog or German dwarf Spitz. They are ideal companions for cats, perhaps because they are almost as arrogant as they are. These little ones are very intelligent, a virtue that we can take advantage of to get used to the presence of a pussycat and develop a tolerance relationship.
  • Shih Tzu. Although they are disciplined animals, if they live with a cat they will show their jealous face, demanding more attention. If you give it to him, the relationship with the cat will not be inconvenient.
  • Chihuahua. Despite the well-earned reputation of bad character since they can challenge dogs that quadruple them in size, they can be good friends with cats, especially if they are raised together from puppies.
  • Maltese bichon. It could be said that they are the ultimate expression of the lapdog. Sophisticated, soft, tender and guarantors of a good coexistence with the purrs of the house.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs adore most small animals. Usually, they don’t look for a fight and prefer to get along with other pets, even looking to please them, as they do with their owners.
  • Mixed race. Many of the dogs without lineage that we adopt are so happy and grateful to have a home that they usually have no problem with other pets in the house. Anyway, it will not hurt to monitor their behavior.

Friends in good times and bad

There is another saying that says “every person is a world” and that it could also be extended to animals. For this reason, although we theorize a lot and rely on observations to establish certain patterns, nothing is assured when it comes to asserting which breed of dog can live better with our pussycat.

Every so often we are surprised by the news or videos uploaded to YouTube, which tells great friendships between gigantic dogs and tiny felines. Without going any further, a while ago the information circulated of a Pitbull – dog of prey – who went out to defend the house cat when he was attacked by coyotes in Tampa, in the southern United States.

The domestication, without a doubt, is modifying some rules and the coexistence is generating bonds of friendship between two species that did not seem to be destined to be understood.

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