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How does the cat food dispenser work?

How does the cat food dispenser work?

Dispensers for cats are the perfect solution for those who, while working and having to untangle various commitments, still want to guarantee their pet their own meal without having to reorganize all other commitments. So, choosing the best automatic cat feeder.

In fact, it is very important that your cat’s eating habits are well organized: regular, without excessive delays or advances, but such regularity can be really difficult to maintain when you have a very active life and you cannot devote yourself to your friend. constantly, and not just for a matter of times, but of mental space.


It happens, when you work a lot, to forget other commitments, or even to satisfy some basic needs for yourself, including that of eating. However, if sometimes giving up lunch or dinner may be acceptable for a human being, it certainly is not for your pet, which depends on you and needs your care.

However, with the use of a quality cat dispenser, this problem can be easily addressed and you will be able, with very little expense, to get rid of this problem once and for all.

What are we talking about? Of particular bowls and / or machinery that, on command, release a certain quantity of food previously inserted; some, through the simple opening of a small door that will mechanically release the contents when, eating, the cat gradually empties the bowl, others, a little more expensive, through the use of real timers and electronic instruments that will be able to dispense the food at set times.

Thanks to the cat food dispenser, all you have to worry about will be the periodic cleaning and filling of the container , which on the other hand will do everything else leaving you the freedom to leave your pet alone for many hours without worries or without having to delegate the problem to friends and relatives.

They can be used for both dry and wet food , they have variable sizes and capacities but, as long as you keep to the important brands (GemPet, Umei, or for example GeoPlast), they are all of excellent quality and guarantee a very high level of operation.


What factors should actually be taken into account?

In reality, there is no need to pay attention to so many things.

Certainly the size of the dispenser must be taken into account if you want to be sure to guarantee your pet enough nutrition . Generally, the right size should be evaluated starting from the number of meals that you would like to have automatically dispensed: if you are very far from home and you already know that you do not have much time to supply the dispenser regularly , you should buy a very capacious and large one, at least from 4-5 liters , if you need the dispenser only to cover a few hours of absence, you can also look for a small and less expensive one .

The other important choice is between an electronic dispenser or a “mechanical” one. The former allows various functions, such as the aforementioned timer, or, among the newest, the ability to record your voice to give your pet safety, but they cost a lot and require more maintenance.

The latter is very cheap and only needs to be cleaned every now and then, however they limit themselves to filling the bowl when the animal, eating, empties it, therefore they do not allow to ration the food and do not guarantee adequate control over the doses.

That said, if you are interested in finding the perfect dispenser, you can follow our list of the 5 best cat food dispensers, selected by us on the basis of value for money and the advantages offered.

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