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Recipe for Dogs: Cheese and Bacon Delicacies … You Will Love It!

Recipe for Dogs: Cheese and Bacon Delicacies … You Will Love It!

It is known that our beloved pets are also stressed. Either because they are moving their teeth when they are puppies or because they suffer from separation from their owners – by being left alone at home – going through many other reasons, dogs suffer from stress. Among the resources we can use to try to calm them down is to provide toys.

What are the best anti-stress toys for dogs?

Biting different objects reassures dogs. Believe it or not, it is the ideal anti-stress option for them. Chewing and nibbling all kinds of things are natural activities for your dog. For this reason, before you take it to nibbles with the different objects that you find scattered around your house, you better get a large battery of toys to help relieve your tensions. By the way, you will also help maintain your oral health, since, when you bite constantly, a massage will occur for your gums, exercise your jaws and keep your teeth clean.

The most recommended toys to calm your dog’s stress, especially when left alone, are those that in turn dispense food. In the market, there are several companies that provide them. You can also assemble them yourself, paying close attention to the fact that the materials you use for their preparation do not imply a risk to the health of your dog, either because they are toxic or because they can break easily and also be ingested.

With these gadgets, your pet will surely be occupied and entertained for hours, playing while you get your favorite food by nibbling, moving or rolling the container that contains it. Make sure that the toy is made of a resistant material.

In addition to helping you forget your anguish, you will be stimulating your mind by having to find a way to get your favorite food out of the toy. This type of object also allows regulating the degree of difficulty of obtaining the prize, according to the size that is given to the holes through which it comes.

Another option for you to entertain and discharge your nerves is the so-called edible bones. They are made of natural materials that, in general, can be ingested without problems by your pet.

Anyway, the idea is to give a variety of toys and choose which one you prefer to bite. However, you must differentiate between those that you can provide when you are left alone and those that you should use under your supervision, which are the ones that could break and swallow any of your pieces. If this happens, you should remove the broken toy immediately.

Tips when choosing anti-stress toys for your pet

It will always be convenient for you to ask the veterinarian for advice on the most appropriate toys for your pet according to size, age, and breed.

After one month of birth, you can start giving toys to your puppy. The precautions will be the same throughout your life:

  • They must be of adequate size so that you cannot swallow it in a bite.
  • They should not deteriorate or fractionate, as it can cause intestinal obstruction.
  • Make sure that the materials with which they were manufactured are not toxic and may pose a risk to the health of your pet.
  • Avoid being contaminated and sanitized before they are brought to your mouth.

Many people use stuffed animals as toys for their dogs, but they are not recommended. Not only for the parts that can be detached and swallowed by the animal – eyes, ears, etc. – but because they can be easily destroyed and eaten stuffed. And, although nothing usually happens, there are cases in which animals can die asphyxiated or suffer an obstruction of the intestine.

In general, toys sold in veterinarians and pet stores are safe. Not so those that are sold in businesses outside the specific field, since they can be copies of the originals and even made with toxic materials.

When buying toys for your dog, remember that he should like him and not you. Choose them with dog eyes and try that, in addition to helping to take away your stress, they serve to stimulate it positively.

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